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The Moom's Bakery Story

My earliest and fondest memories of baking are of my mother and me in the kitchen. Whenever I was sick and home from school, we would bake my favorite chocolate bundt cake, sprinkled with powdered sugar. I loved that time we shared and also the sweet and enticing aromas that filled our kitchen. Her love of baking was infectious and eventually I caught her enthusiam. 


As much as I believe in and follow a healthy lifestyle, I also believe there is a time and place for sweets. However, I feel they should be wholesome and pure, avoiding artificial and highly processed ingredients. That is why wherever possible I use organic, local and all-natural products, from my butter, eggs and cream to my sugar, flour and spices. Life is about balance and who would want to live it without dessert?


And in case you're wondering -- when my kids were younger they started calling me Moom. Not sure exactly how or when it started, but it stuck and I love it.






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